Parkour Jumper Again - canon 20d w/50mm

Another shot from the archives. This is a parkour jumper in Toronto last year dropping from a walkway.

I picked up a new lens today, the Sigma 10-20mm. I wanted an ultra-wide for my trip to Australia and I picked the Sigma over the Canon 10-22mm after doing some research and comparisons. The Canon is the more expensive lens but I found that the Sigma performs just as well. The Sigma doesn't feel as good or as solid but it's smaller and lighter, which will be a bonus on the move. I'm going to play with it over the next couple of weeks and decide if I made the right choice or not. I will post some shots soon and maybe a comparison to the Canon 17-40mm.



  • dennis

    i've had a look at that lens too miles (the pentax version anyways). would love an ultra wide. looking forward to seeing what you get out of it. jealous of your trip to australia as well. i wanna go home *sob*


  • Joseph

    I've checked your blog everyday for...i forget how long now, and I've enjoyed looking at all your pictures, aswell as the chosen picture of the day, each day. I'm just sorry i've not commented much.

    let me know how you get on with the 10-20mm, cos I want that too, but I'm saving for the 70-2002.8 VR atm.

    keep the blog going, we're enjoying it, even if we don't say anything.


  • tref

    nice shot :)


  • todd

    good timing, looks like he's levitating.


  • Paul

    Great BW here..
    BTW, Which part of Aus are you planning to go to?..


  • Miles

    Thanks everyone, I'd definitely recommend the lens, I'm considering not taking the 17-40 with me because this is giving me such good results. I'll post a shot tomorrow but you can see it up on flickr here,

    Paul, I'm flying into Brisbane and then heading north with friends on a road trip. I imagine I'll end up hanging out in the Whitsundays :)


  • frisky?

    i like the darkness in this shot.


  • manju

    Awesome shot !


  • thomas mueller

    nice shot!
    btw. i use the sigma too and i like it very much!


  • elaine

    nice shot perfect timing!