Corner Pumpkins - canon 20d w/17-40

I've never been in Toronto at halloween time before and it's fun to see all the pumpkins appear on the streets, adding a bit of colour. The weather is just fantastic this Thanksgiving weekend, crisp but sunny and clear, I love this time of year.

On a technical note does anyone know why my (not cheap) polarising filter sometimes creates an uneven sky, like the one in this shot? Maybe that's just the way the sky is sometimes, but I think it was an even tone when I took this.

View this larger here.



  • klaas

    The sky is not evenly polarised. The greatest polarisation should be in that patch of sky where the rays of light from the sun to that patch are at right angles to a ray of light from you to that patch. Looks like the sun was to the right and up in your photo, so that why the sky is darkest in the middle of the picture. BTW, like your blog, just tend to lurk!


  • chantal

    great shot here Miles.....this time of year is always so colorful, I love it.
    And I always wondered too, about the uneveness of the sky sometimes when I use a polarizer. I thought I was just doing something wrong....Klaas' answer makes sense though.


  • george

    Your sky will never be evenly polarized as the incidence of the sun's rays changes as you move toward/away from the sun. This is most noticeable with a wide angle lens... if you shoot with a telephoto then you won't notice it as much.


  • cullen

    polarizers do this in really wide angle lens's, the rays of light curve with the earth and therefore are no even with lines in the filter, so you'll either just just live with this fact or not use your polarizing filter with super wide angle shots


  • SD

    The writing on the building and posted bills are a nice urban/desolate contrast to the pumpkin market. Polarizing has the most effect when the lens is 90 degrees from the sun and varies from that position. The wide angle makes it patchy, not the filter.


  • Jens

    Autumn is comming....:) Not much to add...I just like this "normal" piece of a town. Look-s like this is a place wjhich changes over the year .... very nice! :)


  • Craig

    Love the colours, love the art work on the wall.


  • Sean Galbraith

    What the others said. If you notice the angle of the person's shadow, you can tell what is roughly the angle of maximum polarization.


  • Kris [PiXistenZ]

    great shot and totally stunning colors!


  • Lilyan Petrov

    Nice landscape :)