Spinning and Upsidedown - canon 20d w/17-40

Shot at f22, 1/20s handheld and iso100. I also had a polarising filter on the lens to slow things down as much as possible.

View this larger here.



  • Warren

    Outstanding. As a rule I'm a sucker for carnival shots but this one epitomizes it all. Those flailing arms are superb.


  • Kurt

    wow - how dynamic. great one!


  • Roger

    This is a interesting shot. I am with ya on the carnival but not sure I am in on the blur.


  • m a z i a r

    excellent sense of movement and great color combination! good shot!


  • sannah

    wow! sweet!


  • susan B.

    wicked! I'm loving this carnival series.


  • shooter

    Miles I love the use of movement in this it really epitomises the overall feel of the carnival, excellent shot...


  • thukai

    I like the motion and the colours epecially. The dark sky in the background is great, but (at least on my screen) there is some yellow and red colour around the cloud in the top right corner.


  • Donncha O Caoimh

    That looks like fun! Great action shot!


  • Craig Wilson

    The sense of movement is excellent.


  • greg

    Nice shot. I'm loving this series.

    Technical question: Did you add blur to the cars below the top car? The way I'm imagining the movement, they'd be moving somewhat more towards and away from the camera, while the top car would be moving more sideways, which should blur more.

    Regardless the effect is great.


  • Miles

    Greg, There's no additional processing on these except colour and contrast, nothing like blurring.

    I actually found it interesting to see all the different ways the blur occurred. If you look at the swing shot with the blurred riders it's nice how the riders in the background are blurred less than the riders in the foreground, which are, relative to my position, moving faster. I think it's the same thing with this shot, but in this case the car at the top, which you're right, is closer to the camera is less blurred. My explanation for that is because of the movement of the whole arm, rather than the spinning of the individual cars. The arm is moving in and out and up and down, and some combination of all that movement reaches a point where the top car has reached an apex in its movement just as I took the shot and a split second later is pulled back as well as continuing to spin.

    I don't really know, I'm not a scientist.. but that's my guess :)


  • JD

    very cool shot ;)
    I'm looking into ND filters at the moment (stepping down is too much hassle with my dirty sensor :( )

    I think your pretty much right about the theory on lack of blur on the top car...
    As it comes back down it pretty much moves in the same lane it did as it went up, which increases the amount of light reflected from it in each point (because it goe's over it again), thus making it clearer on the capture image.

    Now... what would have happened if you fired the flash in strobe?????


  • What The Heck Journal

    Very nice timing!
    The use of the slow shutter speed enhances the motion in the shot.
    - Martin


  • gianluca

    grat, I think this carnival series is simply grat. Particularly this shot calls for compliments!


  • george.i.

    Ha! Makes me laugh! The flying arms and hair...such palpable motion going on here.


  • Lilyan Petrov

    Almost Abstract. Nice work!