Hinchingbrooke Park - canon 20d w/17-40

Hinchingbrooke park in England.

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  • Ameen

    Great work. great composition. it looks like painting. nice one


  • JD

    I'm not sure about this one? there just seems to be too much going on in the shot... Is it a HDR??? just has that sort of feel to it?


  • Miles

    It's two exposures shot from a tripod blended manually, not sure if that qualifies as HDR or not. I tend to think of it like using an ND grad filter but here I did blend the exposures beyond just the sky. The dark exposure was more than a couple of seconds, you can see the leaves on the right blurred slightly. It was pretty dark inside the forest.

    I wanted a slightly old feel to it, perhaps large format-ish. Something about the grand avenue made me feel all 1920s.


  • nuno f

    It have without a doubt a vintage look. And spooky too. Great composition. I wonder where the road leads?


  • Miles

    Car park... or did you mean metaphorically? ;)


  • Chema

    I like very much the bottom half of the image. The path looks like a tunnel. Very rich texture of the ground.


  • shooter

    Miles this certainly has an old printing process feel to it so you have succeeded, I love it, but then I do have a love of trees, the lead into the shot is excellent, and the processing spot on..


  • daniel

    Beautiful! The DOF is captivating.


  • Simon C

    This is a striking shot - defintely a retro Ansel Adams type feel to it.


  • Craig Wilson

    Looks like Narnia with out the snow! Great great shot.


  • Tomasz

    Nice. How long were the two exposures?


  • Seesaw

    Great composition, great photo!


  • Robert

    I like the processing. I think it adds a lot of interest to the image. You achieved the large format feel.


  • Al

    beautiful shot and superb processing, very well done.


  • Judith Polakoff

    This is outstanding. I wish I had your Photoshop skills. :)


  • Lilyan Petrov

    Lovely B/W photo. It has quite a HDR feel to it. Very nice work Miles, Keep up the good work!