Bulldog at Woofstock - canon 20d w/50mm

It was the annual dog festival woofstock in Toronto this past weekend, so expect a few dog pics this week :)

View this larger here.



  • Chris Loudermilk

    Nice dof Miles. Beautiful capture.


  • Andrew

    Nice. I love your dog shots. Looking forward to seeing more.


  • Jerrold (photosapience)

    Hahaha! I can do that with my tongue too, but this guy is far better looking than me ;)


  • Still

    Funny portrait. I like it a lot.


  • carlos

    lovely weird dog!


  • MarkDM

    OK, not only is this one odd-looking dog (and endearing as all giddy-up), but it appears to be wearing a little tank top. Helluva shot; nice that you got down on the pooch's level.


  • susan B.

    And he's one of the most original looking french bulldogs I've ver seen....I think he's a french bulldog? Those funny legs are throwing me off.


  • Tobias

    Great dog shot. DOF is perfect. As a future dog owner I really looking forward to more doggies.


  • Pramesh

    hey miles, thanks for the mention (SOTD).


  • Maryellen

    That dog definitely is a frencie and he's not wearing a tank top but a special kind of harness instead of a collar and leash.
    I love the pic and was wondering if you were able to get the name of the dog. Just wondering since I own a frencie too. Thanks


  • Miles

    Hmmm, I didn't catch the dog's name but I know he took part in the 'beauty pagent' part of the proceedings. Maybe the participants in that will be listed somewhere on the web.

    You're right about the harness, I'd recommend Buddy Belts (http://www.buddy-belts.com/m_15.asp) for those.


  • Brent Radbourne

    In 2004 I videotaped the woofstock at the distillery. If you'd like to check them out, go to you-tube and do a search on trawnta woofstock