Distillery - canon 20d w/17-40

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  • Ameen

    Great shot! Love the composition. nice one mate


  • Chema

    Wonderful b&w conversion. The tone that you gave to the sky is stunning.


  • Robert

    Great sharp B&W conversion, but I can't find anything of interest in the buildings.


  • dawn

    This image feels like it's going to come straight out of the screen - really interesting dimensional work going on here.


  • dimitri

    wow... almost looks like a miniature. great contrast range, and tonality. very nice.


  • george.i.

    What I find most interesting is the lack of people. It almost looks like a studio set or stage.


  • susan B.

    Really lovely.
    I was about to write that it's so perfect, it almost looks like a model (I guess I just did anyway) but then I saw someone else pointed that out before me.


  • Vidya

    Nice shot !


  • micki

    I really like the dark shadowed windows in the one building and the light windows reflecting the sun in the other. The sky has a beautiful range of tones. This is a lovely b&w.


  • Jay

    How did you manage to get all the people to move outside of your frame? Great ... timeless shot ... with no billboards ... a rarity down there these days.


  • Still

    The frontal framing gives a strong presence to the builduing, and the choice of B&W increases its dramatic impact.


  • eric y

    this is a great shot. almost has an infra-red feel to it, but retains the details of B&W.


  • Ashish Sidapara

    Lovely tone, great contrasting shot!


  • What The Heck Journal

    Great b/w! I think the hard contrast fits the subject very well.
    - Martin


  • nogger

    Really great b&w. Thanks for posting the info about Beyond Monochrome, by the way. I thought it was lost.


  • armeen

    this is a beautiful b&w. love the shades of gray.


  • JD

    Thanks for picking my pick miles ;) really appreciate it and actually rather surprised and flattered! Would have been ever better if I had n't broken my comment system!

    Love the shot, such rich tones and depth! you been cloning people out of this shot or what???


  • Jonathan Greenwald

    I absolutely love this place. Seeing photos like this make me miss my second home...Toronto.

    Oh, and nice conversion here Miles.


  • shooter

    Super shot Miles and I love the quality processing!


  • Miles

    Heh, it is a little odd that there were too many people around. I'm not sure if a few people would have helped the shot or not... the point of it for me was just the grouping of the buildings, how it does 'pop' off the screen a bit. I'll go back and have a look at my shots from that day, a few tiny people in the foreground would make it a bit 'lowry-esque'.


  • matt

    It's a wonderful exposure and composition, but what stands out to me the most is the workmanship that we take for granted. Do you have any idea what it would cost to build a structure like this today?


  • Michael Czeiszperger

    What interesting buildings... The architecture is really interesting, like a movie set.


  • Tobias

    Great photo and super nice BW-processing. I am curious about which method you use when converting to b/w. I found a tip at adobe.com which I tried at this image http://www.tobiasphoto.com/index.php?where=89

    very easy and powerful to use.


  • Jordan

    It <i>is</i> really neat that you were able to catch this scene without anyone else around. And your image shows exactly <i>why</i> the Distillery is used as a movie set!