Lakeshore Condos - canon 20d w/17-40

Two of Toronto's too many lakeshore condo buildings.



  • schmee

    great spam protection idea and very cool of you to share. i recently started using akismet to take care of my spam problem and in the last several hundred posts only 2 slipped through the cracks. i don't get photoblog spammers. i have a tough time believing that photoblogging has reached such a critical mass that spamming photoblogs has any result for spammers.

    oh.. nice photo


  • Joe Lencioni

    First off, nice photo. Did you use a polarizer?

    Second, there are two things you should be aware of when using that piece of javascript. 1 - visitors without javascript enabled or available will not be able to comment. This may or may not be a big deal for you. 2 - if the emails you are sending to yourself with the fake comment submissions contain actual information inputted by the submitter (i.e. spambots), you need to be careful of email header injection attacks or you run the risk of being shut down for spamming.


  • Miles

    Spammers are after links so they return well on search engines, I don't think they care if anyone ever sees the actual content of the comments. Most spam comments I get are on posts from last year, particularly popular ones that do well in the search engines.

    Thanks Joe, I'm aware of that. I do check for genuine comments that get caught in this trap and PHP strips any potential dodgyness from the spam comments.

    My site is not actually very kind to people without JS activated because they won't even be able to open the comment form. I've been working on recoding the site for a while now but keep getting too busy. It's a simple change I just haven't gotten round to it :(


  • Ashish Sidapara

    Lovely blues and thanks for sharing the spam blocking trick.


  • Robert

    The light blue in the windows work well with the deep blue sky.


  • frisky?

    nice code. i wrote a shared-key spam fighting ninja thats generated on the back-end and then compared at comment submission... works like a charm. im living a spam free life now. love it.


  • owen

    That's a fantastic trick. Good to see lots of tactic sharing going on right now - spam does seem to be more and more of a problem these days.

    Lovely photo too (as ususal)!!


  • Still

    Awesome shot. I like the presence of the bird , just like an animated counterpoint...


  • NJP3

    Thanks so much for sharing the script Miles! Very timely in that I am suffering a spam crisis at the moment.


  • Vidya

    Beautiful shot !


  • Peter

    I really like the contrast of blue and white, but, in my opinion, it would have been better when you deleted the plane!


  • jane

    Magnificent sky.


  • Kyle A.M.

    Thanks so very much for the script. I've had a severe escalation in spam over the last week, and I really hope this does the trick.

    The image is superb (not that I'm particularly surprised by that) but it truly is a shame that these towers are popping up like weeds all along the waterfront.


  • bravelee

    thanks for sharing


  • thukai

    I've decided to try this out as I'm about to shut down the whole commenting business of my site. I sure hope that it works :) About that "fake" site. How did you set that up?

    Thanks for sharing, Miles.


  • Andy

    Thank you for passing this on. It's a brilliant idea. Now I'm just waiting for someone to come up with a way of tracking spammers down so we could all beat on them. :-)