Windmills - canon 20d w/200mm

Another shot from the same field of windmills as yesterday's post.



  • clea

    Stunning color and DoF! The kid seems so happy...


  • Peter

    that's a lot better than yesterday's shot. Sharpness is great here!


  • Ameen

    wow. great DOF


  • ben

    great capture, colours v. good too


  • Robert

    I think I like this POV better than the last. Great yellows and greens. You caught him in good moment; he's reaching for something cool.


  • Still

    The pleasure of the boys is enjoying. Nice.


  • Ashish Sidapara

    Lovely colors and nice dof!


  • Miles

    I like this one but I have to say I like yesterday's more. This one is more of a stock-type shot, there's not a lot of 'feeling' in it but technically it's ok, nice.

    Yesterday's was more of a shot with feeling, the blurring of the kid running was essential to that I think. I have shots from the same perspective where the kids running through the windmills are captured without blurring but I deliberately slowed the shutter speed down to get some blur and that's when it worked for me.


  • Vitor

    I like much more this one then the yesterday one because we can see the kid face and don't see the edges of the windmills field. And the depth of field are great here too.


  • Philippe

    I'll agree with you Miles, the other one had a feeling to it...kinda oldschool-ish photo...and the blurry kid does it for me. I really like the diagonal frame with those windmills...dont' think I would have liked it had it been square or rectangle in the frame. Great work!


  • Marinus

    I like yesterdays one better. There is a different kind of feeling in. But the feeling here of the child helping the windmill to spin again is very well done too.


  • jane

    I like this - his expression and pose are very sweet - but I preferred yesterday's too; I loved the running blur.

    Thank you for making me shot of the day!