Boy at Protest - canon 20d w/200mm Boy at Protest - canon 20d w/200mm

These kids were three of many at the anti-war protests last week. I never know what to think when I see kids at protests like this, part of me thinks it's good to get involved, the other part wonders if they're just too young to take a position, too impressionable.



  • kendall

    It's a good point but.. (not to start a war, really!) -- people seem concerned about assigning a child as liberal, conservative, marxist, communist, etc. because they're too young to understand or decide. But... they have no problems assigning a religion? Strikes me as odd.

    Nevertheless, the point is the photographs. There really seems to be a feeling of trepidation about something in their eyes and expressions. There's something intriguing and thought-provoking about that...


  • Miles

    My point certainly extends to things like religion. I'm not a parent and I'm not religious, maybe if I was I could understand more the 'need' to impress your religion onto your child. I'm sure if you're a pious follower of a faith then the very thought of not indoctrinating your children into the same faith is nonsensical.

    I suppose part of being a parent is trying to tell your child what you've learnt about life, imparting that wisdom. But I also think it's possible to teach your kids the concepts of civic/social responsibility, awareness and how to make a stand without enforcing a particular side.


  • Jide Alakija

    Great shot dude. I love the processing.


  • Micki

    I think we all impress our opinions on our children. I just wouldn't want to bring mine where there could be very inappropriate and childish behaviors on the part of the adults.

    Very good photos, I see innocence and maybe some boredom in their eyes.


  • Ashish Sidapara

    Very cool photos, love the b&w.


  • lj

    very nice shots, and personally I tend to agree with your statements.


  • ROB

    Once again powerful shots. I think even without your question being posed it was already in my mind.


  • Dean [Captured4Life]

    I have to say I prefer these images in black and white I think, lol. Did you use a green filter in post processing on the bottom image Miles, or was he just that 'freckled up'?


  • urbanghost

    yeah, i can't help but think 'brainwash!" when i see a young child making a political statement, whether i agree with it or not. I think let em be kids while they have the chance, cuz it doesnt' last long anyways and they'll soon be embroiled in the tangled web of adult concerns anyways. nice shots though.


  • Peter

    your shots of this demonstrations are just great...


  • M4gic

    great expressions on their faces!


  • Lee

    The second is great!


  • Phil

    Are you ever too young to be 'anti-war'?


  • Tuffer

    Its easy-- if its a cause I believe in, its good for kids to get involved early. If I don't agree with the cause its brainwashing. (kidding of course!) Oh yeah, the actual pictures... very nice.


  • sil

    Very intense shots...