Protest Crowd - canon 20d w/200mm Protester with Rachel Corrie Card - canon 20d w/200mm Protester in Front of US Embassy - canon 20d w/50mm Protest Crowd - canon 20d w/50mm Protester - canon 20d w/50mm Protester - canon 20d w/50mm

Shots from the anti-war demonstration in Toronto marking three years since the invasion of Iraq.



  • BigA

    Such a great series Miles. Were these all taken with the 200? Perhaps you've gone into this before but do you have a particular process you use for converting to B&W?


  • Kenny

    Great documentary photos! Photo #4 has a great impact, it's almost like dead silence and everybody looking at you/me.


  • Ashish Sidapara

    Lovely b&w shot, nice one Miles.


  • Roger

    Awesome shots Miles. Excellent work. You have some really nice shots with great expressions in them. You have also done a great job in the b&w process.


  • Miles

    Thanks, I use a channel mixer adjustment layer in photoshop to convert to b&w.

    Kenny, they were all looking at me! I got up on the stage to take a pic and I think they thought I was going to say something. I should have said, "say cheese."


  • Dean [Captured4Life]

    Great images Miles, and yes saying cheese would have been funny. Great choice for shot of the day to.


  • dan culberson

    I'll claim no kinship with the protestors, but the shots are well done. I particularly like the DOF (real?) in the second shot.


  • Chris

    Great series, Miles. I like the first and the fourth especially. B&W looks great. All well taken.


  • Benny 14

    Nice series, shows the strength of feeling and how it's united all ages.
    Particularly like No 5 - anti-nuclear sign! headband! flower power! The sixties are still alive and kicking! (Well, not kicking, that's kinda too violent. Alive and sticking [to their principles]. Good on them)


  • Gary

    great series here


  • JD

    Congratulations on a great series.
    I think when you usually do serieses like these maybe only one could be used as an individual post, where as here I think most of them could be ;)

    I especially love 3 and 4 for different reasons:

    3: the shadow, the DOF, and probably the simbolism. The one voice thing.

    4: The group voice thing ;) as well as all the detail (plus the fact that the photographers seem not to be interested in you and more at everything else)


  • Robert

    Every image works well, with good range of tones and great details.

    #3 is my favorite, the thought of a lone protestor standing up for her beliefs is powerful.


  • Patrick

    Very nice set of shots here. These could be anywhere, we had a huge demonstration on the same day here in LA and, minus the coats, it looked just like this.


  • Peter

    wow, picture #2 is very 'powerful' to me... #4 is not bad, too. why couldn't they stop the fucking war?


  • BobC

    A very interesting series of shots. They are all technically very good, and contain some very strong images. I like the crowd in n0.4 the best, they look like they could mean business!


  • Simon C

    Great set. You had some fine light and you've done a good job of capturing the event and the people.


  • andy

    Every photo has something that stands out and makes it great. You have nice portraiture, nice photojournalistic captures, nice action, nice composition (The third one from the top is amazing!), and great exposure and post processing. These are fantastic!


  • What The Heck Journal

    Great reportage series. Many of the images shows that you have an eye for the smallest details even when photographing a big crowd like this. Good work!
    - Martin


  • Raymond Tse

    Fantastic closeups that capture the dignity and sincerity of these protestors.


  • Jeremy Charles Photofolio

    You did a good job documenting the mood. And thanks for taking the opportunity to join the protest :)


  • ViSuaLLyMiNDeD

    Very striking series. My favorites are two and six, they're so personal and moving.


  • mel

    Great story here... I should go to a protest sometime and catch some shots :)