Icefest Sculptor - canon 20d w/200 Icefest Sculptor - canon 20d w/200 <

An ice sculptor at the Bloor Yorkville Icefest last weekend.

View these larger; first one, second one.



  • Dennis Rogers

    That is so awesome. I love the expression you captured on the artist's face.


  • Alec Long

    Fantastic shots, Miles. The first one, with the tiny bits of ice flying everywhere, is just great.


  • Robert

    Pretty cool how you shifted the focal point from the scultpture/tools to the artist's face. Nice high-contrast shot; the ice dust helps give some detail to what would have been a flat black jacket.


  • Micki

    The second one is my favorite of the two. Both are so well done, though. I do like seeing his face in focus, it has such character.


  • bruno

    oh, nice nice. those people are incredible. i have been in Ice Hotell in Northen Sweden, and there u can see ice-sculptors working day and night. and i realy enjoy it.
    this is a flashback. great photo. :)


  • urbanghost

    i find this very interesting because when i first looked at it i assumed it was a factory worker or something and then i read the caption and found out that it was an ice sculptor, and it reminded me that art is also hard work! i've always admired ice sculptors because they dedicate so much time and effort into their vision, knowing that it will inevitably melt, sometimes far too quickly. it must be hard not to get too attached to a piece. peace.


  • Raymond Tse

    Love the first photo with the ice flying off the sculpture.


  • Adrian

    The detail is incredible, mostly on the first shot. I thought it was a bad neg, and then realised it was ice flying everywhere!


  • dan culberson

    I really like this. I hope you have some photos of the finished product for another day!


  • Aaron M. Molina

    I love all the fine ice dust in the air.


  • geof

    2 great shots . I like the ice dust flying around the top one and I like the focus on the hand.


  • Lala

    I feel chilly just looking at these - love the detail in the top one.


  • jyoseph

    There is something really neat about this set that I can't put my finger on. I really like the silvery feeling to a lot of your black and whites. I'm drawn to the texture of the fine pieces of ice and how they contrast with the darks on the guys jacket. Really nice clean work in this set.