Leading - canon 20d w/17-40

This horse was so far in the lead I think the jockey was wondering where everyone had gone.

See it larger here and a black and white version. For once I wasn't sure which one I preferred. When I took these I saw them all as black and white and I think the b&w is a better choice for the action of the moment, but something about the colours here made me stop and think.

Also, I wanted to mention that I'd added a second shot to an earlier racing post.



  • Marina

    I like it - especially the colours. The horse looks like falling: amazing that they are able to cordinate all their four legs (an I have sometimes problems with my two...).


  • Alec Long

    Color version, hands down. The link between the jockey's colors and the sky, and the horse's green strap and the grass is undeniably cool.


  • Ash

    Another great shot! I like the effect


  • Kuan

    I love the colours on this one. Especially the jockey, horse, grass, sky... actually the whole thing really pops. I think it works much better than the black and white.

    Great DOF.

    Luvin' this series


  • Joann

    Definitely the color one! The colors add an almost surreal quality to it. I'm also really enjoying this series!


  • Patrick

    It's close but I vote for the B+W version - I think it emphasizes the mood of the piece.


  • anna

    I also vote for the colored version in this case. Great series of pictures!


  • f.d. rahman

    The colours are great.. the horse looks like its about to pop right out of the screen and onto my desk. Lovely shot, once again.


  • Thibaut

    I prefer the W&W version, but I've always loved B&W ;-)


  • Jordan

    Miles, are you adding the blur in PS or is it really because of limited DOF?


  • Keith

    I thought i had seen some great racing pictures till i had seen these. This is potentially an average shot for most of us but you have turned it into a really striking image. How????? I prefer the colour which is unusual for me.


  • demetrice

    The b&w wins hands down. the color version looks a bit overprocessed and doesn't sit comfortably, unlike the black and white.


  • Jessyel Ty Gonzalez

    Your Photoshop blur seems to have made some artifacting lines on the sky. I enjoy the DoF effects you have, just make sure not to push it, haha :-)


  • Guilherme Pinto

    That's a tough choice... Leaning towards the B&W.


  • forestwan

    nice time, nice colours, nice work.


  • Ian

    I really like the colour one. The colour looks fantastic in this shot.


  • ROB

    Hope you had a few bob on that nag. Awsome processing. And you know I dont think I have ever seena jockey looking backwards wondering!


  • yod

    I definitly prefer the colour version. Nice shot :-)


  • geoffbennett

    very nice - i love the colours and the focus on the subject


  • Adrian

    Great colors.


  • Michael Czeiszperger

    That horse pops, pops, pops off of the screen. You are the fake DOF master :-)


  • amateur commune

    wow~this is amazing!!


  • navelfluff.de

    Second the comments above, you managed the faked-DoF very well and i like the colored version best. Good panning-job. But i'm wondering 'bout the Horses back. Are all the horses colored like that?


  • potty

    i like the square framing.


  • Mark D

    Wonderful shot. I see what you mean about the black and white for the action, but I do prefer the color. Very nice.


  • rafsie

    yeh somehow the action is clearer in the b&w but the colours are really gorgeous.
    and i never knew b&w photos worked that way.


  • Massimo

    Well captured, just the right moment. I prefer the color version, as the jockey pops out better from the background.


  • Eric

    While the colors are outstanding the B/W version is just grand to me. Nice job.


  • Johan

    very nice picture. love the colours!


  • navin harish

    Wow, it seems kinds weird that picturejockey is posting a comment for the picture of a jockey. Very nice shot, excellent captue of the moment.


  • char

    This photo is absoutely amazing!


  • Racefan

    Lovely picture of McCoy and Impek, bro! navelfluff - do you mean are they all two-tone? The horse has had some of it's winter coat clipped off so it doesn't get too hot when it's working, which gives that effect.
    I love all these race shots - it was a worthwhile day!


  • davenyc

    No surprise, I prefer the b&w, although I'd like to see a bit more contrast in it. However, this pops a bit more than the b&w. The burning in seems a bit overdone here, but just right in the b&w version. I think you have a terrific image that perhaps just needs some tweaks in the processing. Well done.


  • jamie

    Miles - this totally rocks. I prefer the color because everything around the horse looks so surreal. Really love this shot!


  • Phil

    The detail of the horse is wonderful. I do prefer the colour version over the b&w. I think the colour shot puts more emphasis on the horse and the speed at which it is moving.


  • Alicia

    I like the black and white version. It emphasizes the shape of the jockey on the horse.


  • Frank

    Love this shot and love this "Random" feature. However, the links in the description don't seem to be working.