Click for larger - Orchard - canon 20d w/17-40 Click for larger - Orchard - canon 20d w/17-40 Click for larger - Orchard - canon 20d w/17-40

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  • sAm

    Love these long exposures you are pulling out the bag, the 3rd shot is the one for me (has a magical feel to it).


  • Keith

    The bottom 2 are my favourites. Great shots this is very interesting stuff, I am amazed at the colours and the sky. I look forward to more. Quite inspiring.


  • prasoon

    Autumn huh.. these have fantastic colors..


  • nuno f

    The last one its my favorite. It's more balanced and the global tonality is more pleasant.

    What was the time exposure for each photo?


  • Mystery Me

    Wonderfully surreal. A beautiful set of photographs.


  • Miles

    The exposures where each around 40-50 seconds at f4. The moon was full and the sky was clear, you can see by the shadows how bright it was. The moonlight seems to intensify the colours to almost surreal levels, I haven't post processed these except for levels.

    My favourite part of them is the blurring of some of the leaves. I think that really gives it a feeling of something not quite real.


  • ctranter

    Been loving these long-exposure shots. No.2 does it best for me. The blurring of the movemnt of the upper leaves is magical.


  • Thibaut

    You should try pinhole cameras to get the same result daylight ;-)

    Digital pinhole is also possible by removing lens, and doing a tiny hole in the body cap, but i guess you've already walked through some articles about this on the net.

    By the way, the results are beautiful.


  • 600px

    Absolutely beautiful.
    They look like surreal daytime pictures until you see the stars.
    Great stuff.


  • chris

    I never thought wind could do such cool things to a photograph.


  • dan

    The effect of the wind and the long exposure is really quite neat. I've done quite a bit of nighttime photography and explored quite a bit of the nighttime photogaphy of others and never seen elements quite like this. Thanks for photoblogging.


  • Eduardo

    Es increíble lo que has logrado con estas exposiciones. Al principio pensé que era una foto capturada al atardecer.La saturación es notable, especialmente en la última toma.


  • Nina

    Excelente fotografias, mis felicitaciones, saludos desde Argentina


  • Kelly

    These just feel so surreal, I love them. The colours are fantastic :D.


  • pat

    Wonderful Autumn-shots, very nice.


  • Massimo

    Ok, you fooled me. I initially thought these were some soft daylight photos of some orchards, and then I noticed the selective motion blur of some leaves, and the... STARS! They create a very surreal effect... almost as if one can see the stars in daytime. Cool.


  • Sakana

    Nice composition/exposition. Great colors.



  • Leigh

    These are great - your recent photographs are gorgeous. :-)


  • jj

    wow! they are night shot? 40-50sec...OK I understand. Great!


  • Eric

    really enjoyed the colors in these frames. Looks like you nailed the exposure times as well, they just look dead on.


  • Justin Gaynor

    Fantastic shots! They really do look like long daytime exposures.