Top House - canon 20d w/17-40

One more... The exposure was f4 and 53 seconds. You can see from the shadow of the pole on the road how bright the moon behind me was.

Larger version.



  • Alec Long

    Very captivating, Miles. I'm amazed at the light quality.

    Stupid'd think with all this technology man would have figured out a way to hide those things by now.


  • pfong

    marvellous light and colour. An almost palpable sense of isolation. I like the powerlines. The give a sense that this it their link & connection to the wider world. They also help as leading lines to lead the eye into the pic.


  • Walker

    This is your best one so far, Miles.


  • ixley

    Gorgeous the way the light creates a diagonal gradient across the sky. Has a very surrealistic fictional feel.


  • Tanja

    Painterly and gorgeous. This is a really beautiful capture Miles!


  • Smoove D

    I like how the power lines bring this rather surreal shot back to reality.


  • nathan

    i have been waiting for this full moon to get out. tonight it rains like mad...


  • Pete

    Wow, just beautiful.


  • Partha

    Very beautiful photo. It's unique in a lot of ways, I like the lighting on the yellow house.


  • Ian

    How's that colour! Beautiful night sky!


  • Andy

    Another great night shot Miles. Really liking these and I think this is my fav. Whereabouts are you located now-a-days? This looks like leafy sussex to me?


  • rafe

    With your pics, I'm obliged changing my wallpaper everyday ;)
    You pics are really beautiful, congratulations and...thanks!


  • Phil

    however you have done this, it looks very surreal. Nice.


  • Dan

    Great photo! You've got to love the moon on night like this one. It's pretty cold around here, so I haven't gotten out to take full advantage. I have to say, with 53 seconds of open shutter, I'm surprised that you don't see any movement in the stars. Cool.


  • Miles

    Thanks all, you can see this house in the previous post, on the far right. The colour here is 'natural', I haven't altered it in post. You can see in the post yesterday a slight tint of purple on the right of the sky, and this shot is taken up there pointing in that direction.

    It's always interesting to see what colours come out of long exposures, sometimes, as in the very long exposure 'orange' posts from last week, it seems to take the slightest hint and blow it across the image.


  • dan

    Agree with others who've said this is your best night shot so far. Great colors.


  • Tim Walker

    This is really beautifully done... you really are a master of the nightscape photograph.


  • Jordan

    Cheers Miles, this is really great work. Those night shots with digital come out really well, better than I would have expected. How do you meter them? Makes me want to run out and get a digital camera.


  • davenyc

    Miles, I have to say that this is my personal favorite of the recent shots. They're all great, but there's just something about that magenta sky that really hooks me in. Lovely.


  • David H-W

    Nice composition and colour tinge.


  • prasoon

    this one's truly captivating.. a nice frame with beautiful colors..


  • Daniel

    Stunning work! You have some exceptional talent.


  • Derrick

    Great composition and colour!


  • clea

    Your nights shots are sooo good! I love the colors and the detail...


  • alex



  • Jennifer

    Cool. I like the way a normal scene looks so interesting.


  • zac

    this is killer. really nice work miles. i love that slant/distortion. is this at 17mm?


  • nuno f

    This night serie of yours are simply fantastic. I see that the moon light it's very trick in this kind of long exposure.


  • dimitri



  • ed

    wonderful image, Miles. Reminds me somewhat (in spirit) of the work of Todd Hido. While his execution is a little different than yours, it conjurs a very similar mood of eerie calm -


  • susan B.

    Oooh, very nice.
    Bob best watch out.
    There's a new night shooter in town. ;)
    Excellent job, Miles


  • frisky?

    holy crap... wicked!!!! the red sky is amazing!


  • Graeme

    Fantastic miles. I'm lost for words really so I'll stop there. I'm going to take a night shot soon...


  • Beth

    WOW. I can't even really say anything constructive about this. It's just incredible. It almost looks like something you'd see in a big budget movie. :D


  • Alscyl

    Wahoo!!! It's beautiful... I wish put it on line on may blog with a link for your blog. Is it possible?

    See you soon!