Super Star - canon 20d w/50mm

Super Star! Chess playing Toronto legend.

I know this isn't a great portrait but I like it, perhaps because it reminds me of Picasso for some reason...



  • Biggest Apple

    I can sort of see what you mean about the Picasso connect. Nice.


  • miles

    Probably just the floppy hat ;)


  • matt

    Miles, I have to say I very much prefer this to the portrait of Leonard a couple posts ago. That one lacked was like a factual road map of his face...this one has depth, contrast, movement, feeling. I think this is much more effective that the full-frame, looking into the lens approach. Great work. Funny, I just left a similar comment on djn's site about one of his portraits.


  • Marina

    It is a bit "sad" that the hat is cut off but IMO it is a perfect portrait!


  • Andy (SensorChip)

    It's kind of quirky, I guess it's the lack of eye contact!? But I have to agree with Matt, I much prefer this one to the one of Leonard for the same reasons.

    You tend to go for black and white with portraits, is that because you think colour from digital doesn't offer enough for skin tones?


  • miles

    nah, I just prefer black and white.


  • bryan

    I find portraits like this one more engaging than the typical. He's disconnected from the shot. It gives him a real quality. Keep it up.


  • Ana

    I love this shot. It's a perfect portrait.


  • Smoove D

    I would like to see the chessboard in the frame, not the whole thing, but just enough of it to tell the story about him being a chss player.


  • sannah

    thnaks alot for the comment and the linkage!


  • Paul

    Hey...great picture. Any more chess shots?


  • Tanja

    Raul is one crazy character! Posted a <a href="";>pair of photos</a> of him myself the other day... check 'em out. He makes me laugh... though I've never seen him at the game.


  • patrick

    it maybe not one of your typical - and great - portrait shots. but it's a very powerful photo nevertheless. to me, it has this certain kind of magic.


  • Andrew

    Nice as usual, but I think cropping out a quarter of the left-hand side might improve this one a little. I'm not sure his shoulder really adds anything to the shot. Getting rid of it would probably balance the composition a bit better and help put more emphasize his face.


  • Dean M. Beattie

    As always, great tones, but the thing that stikes me here is the contrasting textures between his shirt (smooth), face (very couarse), and his hat.

    Well done.


  • JamesK

    I really like this portrait - lovely and informal - the perspective really adds to it too


  • clea

    Well, I like it. Even if I don't get to see his eyes, I can imagine what he's looking at -and maybe what he's thinking. Plus the strong expression in his chin is fantastic.


  • Sarah

    this is a great photograph. i agree, its a perfect portrait. who cares what a few mm of cropping or a tiny bit of hat might have looked like, (no offence intended), everything about how this photograph has been set to show us leads us into that that identity, the guy behind the reflection of the glasses, in the shirt and under the hat. its all about him at exactly the right moment and thats what makes a truely great portrait.