Hercules - canon 20d w/50mm

Hercules is quite the character, he's lead a rich life that's taken him from a seminary in Greece to the high life in Toronto. He admitted that, in order to keep moving forward, he has put a lot of his past "behind the wall". Several strokes have meant he must use a wheelchair but his spirit is certainly not diminished.



  • s.hu

    i think this is my favorite portrait of yours. amazing. i don;t think anyone can help smiling when they open the page up :)


  • ROhan Kini

    Nice ..


  • Jessyel Ty Gonzalez

    Wonderful stuff Miles. I'm always amazed that you capture detail exactly where it's needed. Again, kudos on another great one.


  • Dave

    Absolutely terrific. You seem to have captured his character, his joy... and you did it in a way that feels natural.

    You truly have a talent for portraiture.


  • Warren

    Another winner Miles. You've really captured a window to his spirit. Great expression.


  • henning

    Very nice!


  • John [shots]

    Nice - I love that quirky smile


  • GKP

    I really like this portrait - his expression is so warm and generous, the tones are perfect, the background is also classic soft-focus beauty. I wish I could see photos of his whole wheelchair setup, but I am sure you have good reasons for not having those here....


  • Kelly

    Wow, the photo itself is spectacular, but the story just adds so much more. I love your photographs of people, there's such a HUGE variety, you must know a lot of people.

    But, I think this just might be my favourite people photo I've ever seen of yours ;).


  • matt

    Of course, the expression is the story. Among your b&w work, the tonal range on this is tops. Also, your focal point (and its diminishing qualities) is perfect.


  • maria

    the focus just brings you right into that wonderful mustache and contagious smile. i cant help but like the guy. miles, you rock. :)


  • dirtbagphoto

    Definitely a happy looking guy and great capture. Wonderful B+W


  • Smoove D

    A very nice addition to your portrait series. I like how you framed it more loosely than usual.


  • pierre

    whoa, another nice portrait...


  • Andy (SensorChip)

    Such great framing. I would have been easy to go with a square or portrait format, but it balances so well here. Great expression, great black and white conversion, great depth of field and another brilliant portrait.


  • pixibition

    beautiful bw portrait...i like his smile


  • mary poppins

    I really enjoy your photos.. they are beautiful.. I just started up my own little blogspot, so hopefully I can learn a thing or two from you.


  • mary poppins

    ahem.. sorry about that.. strange things happen when you post a comment.. sorry for the comment spam.. heh..the wrong url comes up when you click my name.. I'm such a dork, sorry.
    If anyone's interested at all .. http://dustysunrays.blogspot.com/ .. sorry again. Take care.


  • Tanja > DoubleCrossed

    Quite possibly my favourite photo you've ever shot. (Not that i've seen 'em all, but damn).


  • Saroy

    I love this one -- you've done such a great job of capturing his natural happy expression!


  • Sakana

    Beautiful expression.



  • G N Bassett

    This is a great face, and a great image. This guy looks like he comes right out of central casting. Give credit to the photographer for that.


  • Michael Czeiszperger

    Not only is the subject interesting, but the picture itself is so beautifully rendered.


  • Massimo

    We can certainly see his spirit in the vivacity of his eyes. Another of your humanistic portraits.