Over Rail - canon 20d

First off, I would like to congratulate my good friend Shane on the birth of his daughter, Tristen!

I have contributed a few words to Thomas Pindelski on the launch of his fantastic new book, Street Smarts. Check out my mini-review here. I'd recommend the book to anyone interested in street photography or street life, it's full of great images. Thomas has a real eye for finding humour in his subjects while at the same time allowing us to empathise instead of ridicule.

It's been a frustrating couple of weeks for me in some ways but I hope this weekend will mark a bit of a turnaround, fingers crossed!



  • frisky?

    wow. im the first one to comment on this one! yaay! love this shot!!! i like the contrast and the low saturation in the sky.


  • miles

    Heh, thanks Faisal.


  • daisies

    Thanks for the tip on the book - looks really interesting! Also, I love this shot, the contrast colour is wonderful!


  • zac

    wow. great shot! i love the framing and the saturation levels. do you also have one with a train whizzing by? ;)


  • Andy (SensorChip)

    Remind me to get you to write some text for me when I have a book, nice words and looks like a great book, maybe worth a purchase.

    Another really well executed shot and processing.

    Have a nice weekend Miles.


  • .:pvav.photoblog:.

    Interesting colors.


  • patrick

    your shots always have this fantastic dynamic range... love the processing. very inspiring to me.


  • Kelly

    Beautiful photo! I love the tones.


  • Smoove D

    Groovy shot, I love the sky.


  • abe

    I like this perspective - nice foto.


  • Smallest Photo

    Love the saturation in this shot.


  • PatH

    The ground beeing out of focus gives it a sort of model-like appearance, which I like very much!


  • jane

    Glorious sky...


  • nathan

    thats awesome! polarizer on there?


  • Tai

    Sweet shot man. I love how the sky turned out in this shot. Perfect composition too -- the angle this was taken from lends a lot of interest to the subject.


  • Matt

    Amazing shot of this structure.


  • potty

    cool shot, miles. i like that out of focus blurriness on the bottom of this.


  • ctranter

    Really nice, the colours are perfect.


  • ken (aka Monochromejournal)

    thanks for the kudos... that photo is by far my most viewed image on flickr... LOL


  • John[shots]

    Great shot - colours and texture just right.


  • Eduardo

    Miles, no hablo muy bien el inglés y son nuevo en esto de los fotoblog. Este medio es el único que econtré para comunicarme contigo y agradecerte tu comentario a mi fotografía en el blog. Por cierto para decirte que esta imagen junto a los retratos son los que me han gustado de tu photoblog...y no son palabras de cortesia claro está...esta especialmente porque me identifica un poco con la idea de mi proyecto. Un saludo coridal desde Chile.