Kissing Couple - canon 20d w/18-55mm

Kissing couple on the pier at Centre Island off Toronto.

Unusually for me I went through quite a bit of fiddling with this and I'm still not 100% happy. It's mostly the colour tint (duotone) I couldn't make up my made about. There's a black and white version here to compare.



  • Zishaan

    Its absolutely gorgeous. The black and white moreso (I think I am biased - I either has to be colour or else b/w).

    Miles, did you add some vignette? It gives a very dramatic effect.


  • hennng

    Go BW! Beautiful shot!


  • Aegir

    Love the black and white one - it has more contrast so just feels more crisp and dramatic.


  • A.

    Fabolous! I must say that I like the B/W-version the most. Somehow it reminds me of Elliott Erwitts picture of a kissing couple in a car.


  • Andy (SensorChip)

    I'm going against the grain here, but for me, it's this duotone version, it has more nostalgic feel to it.


  • Susan B.

    Tough call. I usually prefer toned shots, but I also love the black and white. The good news is that you have two nice shots here. More I think about it...I think I might like the black and white more by just a nose. Has a tad more of a classic feel.


  • sparx

    I would be happy with either on my wall. After much deliberating I think i'm going to have to go with Andy and plump for the toned shot. Just seems to have a slightly dreamier, fantasy feel to it.


  • Liisa Anderson

    Fabulous shot!! very nostalgic look indeed!


  • James

    One of your best. I think I prefer the toned one, it's ever so slightly warmer.


  • David H-W

    Fabby contrast and love the lone lampost. B/W version is my preference because of the greater contrast.


  • Shane



  • Houser

    You sick bastard. Effin great work!! Excellent cap. I dunno what the heck peeps are talking about, though. Look, I too enjoy a good black and white. In fact, if there had been no kissing couple in this shot, I'd say that's your money shot. But once you add those people, you need that duotone to warm it up, sex it up, and spread the love. The duotone is the way to go.


  • justin

    i vote for the b&w, it hits you in the chest much harder


  • Tiago Pedroso

    I also prefer the nostalgia of the Duotone version. I feel it suits this shot better than bw. Beautiful shot, Miles.


  • Sean

    Beautiful black and white.


  • Jessyel Ty Gonzalez

    I'm going to have to go for the duotone version. Has more of a nostalgic feel. And it's official... I hate you. This is fucking unbelievably good. And anytime you get swears involved... you know it's good. This is seriously stunning Miles.


  • Daniel G

    The toned picture is helps to create the mood. Miles this image is magical...they are so small...and the sky is protecting them...just a beautiful caputre...Like Jessyel said.."seriously stunning"

    Miles, the fall off on the left is a post-process ?


  • Nancy

    oh how dreamy and from another time. I think I can hear the music that comes up at the end of the movie. I think I like the duotone better


  • yungyaw

    Great moment! Kissing at the corner of the peir. So romantic. ;) I like duotone more than just plain B&W here. Maybe it suits the scene more.


  • Paulo Ribeiro

    Undoubtfully the most "emotional" photo I've seen in a while... I also find all that "empty space" (sky and sea) quite beautiful and dramatic.


  • Evan

    I like the B&W. It seems to have more contrast with the couple and pier against the background. Both of them are amzing - they almost look fake.


  • miles

    Thanks everyone, it's not often I like my own photographs but I do like this one, the pose just seems so classic. A bigger version shows them in more detail but I think even at this size their contrasting clothing helps you to fill in the blanks.

    All I really did to this was burn in the sky to add more contrast and blur in a slight vignette, mostly on the left side, because I think it helps draw the eye back to the subject. The fall off is natural, the sea reflects the darker sky above and nearer the couple the cloud, and its reflection, brings more lightness.

    The only place I added some shading was to the bottom right because the lightness of the surface was drawing the eye out of the image.


  • Jonathan

    Wow, they both look like paintings. Amazing capture. I think the duotone is a bigger impact, especially in the clouds.


  • Darren

    This is a great scene--I love it. I like the color tinted one better than the true B&W, though. It gives it more of a cinematic feel.



    this is amazing. i think that the duotone gives it much more of a classy, romantic feel. i would stick to duotone over b&w. thanks


  • frisky?

    i prefer the B&W version to this one. Nothing techincally wrong with this sepia, just that to me, the B&W looks more timeless...


  • Michael Czeiszperger

    Just beautiful! You should market that one as a giant photo to put up in a restaurant or bar.


  • Oh, man, Miles...I like this. A lot. I really prefer the duotone because it gives it an ageless, timeless feel. Much like love itself. Black and white seems a little cold, although I like it too. This would make a fantastic poster. If I had to nitpick I guess I might would burn down the lightest part of the sky just a touch more, but I don't know that it matters. I know this was Andy's favorite shot of the day, but I'm making it mine for tomorrow as well because I LOVE this picture.


  • mydepiction

    Not really seeing arrow but very interesting composition nonetheless. WOW ... my vote is for the duotone one. No sure what you did to this picture but the lamppost and couple look unreal but I still like this picture a lot.


  • picturegrl

    Oh...and that unsigned comment above is mine. I got so excited I forgot to write my name. I agree with Jessyel, definitely swear-worthy.

    The one thing I meant to ask..the duotone is beautiful....did you use a canned formula, or mix your own?


  • Simon C

    Tricky - not sure whether I like the duo or mono best. Either way, it's a great shot. Real sense of space and a certain 'epic' quality.


  • owen

    This is perfect!


  • Anand Sankaran

    Gorgeous shot, very well done.


  • btezra

    ~the duotone adds strength to the tones and impact, do not change a thing, that's my $0.02.~


  • Leigh

    My vote goes for the B&W - it looks more dramatic and romantic.


  • ViSuaLLyMiNDeD

    Miles, this is so romantic! I love that light that seems to radiate from the couple. I have been pretty obsessed with sepia lately, but I must say there is something more powerful about the pure black and white, maybe it's the stronger contrast. amazing job!


  • your_waitress

    powerful shot miles! in fact, it is my new favorite of yours. love the way the light surrounds the couple, the composition, the tones, the kiss, the works. excellent job man.


  • Kelly

    This is a beautiful photo, it almost makes me feel voyueristic! I love the tinting, I think it's great.


  • ana

    i seem to be in agreement with the majority, i prefer the b+w version. for some reason the b+w version is more dramatic, particularly the ominous quality of the sky and there's more of a light halo surrounding the couple, as if they are holding back the darkness with their embrace. very dramatic.


  • Guilherme Pinto

    Fantastic shot. I prefer the doutone over the BW. Great composition and lighting. Even bettter post-processing. I bet that makes the shot. I would be curious to see the file right out of the camera.


  • Nick

    Ok. Honestly?

    I love the black and white one. But the image itself is so AMAZING that I'm just like, "Whatever."

    You're unbelievable.


  • bob

    oh so sweet...


  • orange

    Awesome shot. B&W all the way.


  • nathan



  • zac

    amazing! this is such a great shot. i lean slightly towards the b&w.


  • pablo korona

    long time listener, first time caller.

    the bw has more pop, and the white in the bw gives it a nice crisp, clean pure feel to it. If you do bw it would imply their love is pure, BUT if you go duotone and "dirty" up the white - gives the sense of a forbidden passion, or something so extremely hot gonna happen. but i'd like to think of the pure here, especially hot in the moment. When a flame burns its hottest, its white.

    amazing shot nevertheless. stunning.


  • matt

    Dang Miles, this one is really great. 45 comments too, seems everyone agrees. Wonderful positioning which works because it's deliberate but not over-the-top--it's just right. Just like anything, it's all about the light. Way to get that sexy glow to just hover and light up the couple.

    I go for the sepia. It's a close call, but I think it warms the image and gives it a more 'found' photo feel. The B/W looks like a movie still, which is cool, but not as unique as a lonely, accidentally artistic lost photo.


  • Aslak

    Wow.. really nice shot - wouldnt know which one of the two i'd prefer..


  • clea

    Looks great!


  • Ray

    Fantastic shot. I like the brightness around the couple. The lamp post fits into the composition nicely too.


  • Ed Little, Jr.

    Both are great, but I seem to prefer Sepia you can see on the recent images I posted on the 'Bikers'.


  • john

    I usually like toned stuff, but I think the b&w version has more snap. Nice capture and processing...


  • Fellow Eskimo

    I like the duo better! It just has a more softness feeling to go with the subject, which is fabulous by the way. Beautiful :)


  • Jordan

    Damn Miles, I'm gonna cry! My preference is for the duotone version, but I am fond of duotones in general. I think that people's preferences will depend on what kind of screen they're using (LCD, CRT, etc.) Duotoning adds more "tonal spread" which can increase the apparent depth of the image, never mind the emotional impact of the warm tone.

    I would love to see this as a print. I am set-up for dedicated B&W inkjet now, let me know if you're interested in trying this one out.


  • potty

    looks like a wedding picture. the duotone gives it a bit of a nostalgic feel. in this shot, i prefer that to mono, which is more "journalistic".


  • Kathleen

    I'm swooning! This is glorious, Miles. Hope the couple gets a print.


  • Alec Long

    Stellar shot, Miles. Really cool.



    I was in love with your last shot and then saw this one... you great at capturing a mood and stopping a moment. terrific shot.


  • Ryan

    I'd go for the b&w as well...mostly because of contrast and it's more dramatic. Excellent composition.



  • mel

    How romantic - love it!


  • Robert Simpson

    The B&W.


  • GKP

    Awesome. It's been awhile since I visited your site, really happy to see this. I'd go with the duotone definitely.


  • jane

    I like the duotone - wonderful sky.


  • mikey

    its almost as if the pier shouldnt be there. like something out of a movie! fantastic


  • Astro Beck

    I definitely like the one posted. It's warmer.
    It's more inviting, and intimate.


  • johnny

    the black and white version is really nice. keep the b/w i say.. keep it real.

    peace, love, and b/w photography. yay


  • fredrik

    great one! i think both versions are excellent; you don't really have to pick just one, do you?:)


  • Leanne

    I happened to run across your site today. Your photographs are just amazing. As for this particular image, I really like it as a duotone. It's very...romantic. I look forward to seeing more of your work! Thanks for sharing!


  • Tyler

    Beautiful capture Miles, your photos embody a nostalgic simplicity that make them timeless…lovely.


  • Frank

    Lovely shot but I have to say that I liked the bw version better.