Sikh man - canon 20d w/50mm

This past Sunday was the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi, celebrating their new year and the 'birth' of Sikhism. I've been lucky enough to travel throughout India and the Sikhs I met were, without exception, incredibly kind and generous to visitors.

I look back on my travels with some regret that I wasn't as interested in photography as I am now. I would do anything to go back to India with the camera and knowledge I have now. Still, those were great times, high adventure, and I have many wonderful memories :)



  • ciro

    Great portrait.


  • Susan B.

    Another lovely portrait. I selfishly hope you get another chance to travel to India, camera in hand. Then we can all live vicariously through your wonderful visions.


  • ctranter

    I love the magnification of his eyes through his glasses.

    He should have gone to specsavers... sorry, couldn't help myself.


  • mydepiction

    Another wonderfully done portraiture shot. Especially since you were able to see the eyes of the person even though he was wearing glasses. Any tips on how you did this?


  • BigA

    Love the shadow and detail in this portrait


  • btezra

    ~well, on the flip side you can look forward to all the travel you will take advantage of in the future, and knowing all you do now about photography the trips to come should even be better than before...great subject matter here once again, killer contrast level as well~


  • David H-W

    Good portrait shot with some good contrast and a very interesting face.


  • hungaro

    Love the portrait, the framing, b&w
    very, very, very well done


  • frisky?

    another good one.


  • henning

    great as always miles.


  • Michael Czeiszperger

    For some reason beards take to defocus well as the face moves back out of the focus region. The white beards also provide a great contrast with the skin tone, and in this case, whatever you call what's on his head :-)


  • riff

    Sikhs are awesome, fun people.

    This is a striking portrait.. did you get to talk to him a bit?


  • miles

    Thanks all.

    I did talk to him but only briefly, everyone was with their families enjoying the day. I took a lot of photographs that day, people were happy to pose. Not all of them came out well, for some reason my lens was having difficulty focusing. I'll post one more tomorrow.


  • Saroy

    Wow! This is great. I love the contrast -- his white, white beard and black turban(?). Very nice.


  • Garth

    It always a pleasure stopping by here...phenemonal work, this is a brilliant portraiture. Word.


  • Crash

    boy, that fella has character written all over his face !


  • dphotoJournal

    WOW..what lens did u use for this shot ? It's really sharp.


  • webdreamer

    Fantastic photo! It's really intense and full of personality! I'm loving your phtoblog.


  • Dragan

    Another nice portrait!

    Yeah, going back to India would be nice. I've been there 9-10 yrs ago and didn't care too much for photography.

    I have fond memories from visits to Sikh temples too: always lots of kids playing around, the priests handing them out lots of sweets; peaceful + joyful atmosphere :)


  • Pramesh

    Miles. Great shot. Thank you.

    I'm Indian (Hindu) and my wife is Punjabi (Sikh), so I'm really excited to see a portrait of a Sikh person.

    Too often I see portraits of only either white or black people (everywhere on the net, not just your site), so it's nice to see other cultures represented in your photoblog.

    Unfortunately, we didn't make it out to the festivities.

    And to everyone who is unsure, he is wearing a turban.


  • miles

    Glad you like it!


  • flygirl

    Wow, is this the same guy than in the following shot? I always like to see different cultures and indian cultures are especially appealing in my opinion. They're just so different and they appear so colorful to us. Very nice job...


  • Harpreet

    Being a sikh it was interesting to see this shot. I loved his flowing beard. A sikh man was my first shot when I came to photobloggers.


  • Arne

    That is wonderful.


  • Clix photoblog

    Sikhs, yeah, they are a crazy bunch :D. Great shot here.


  • pandora online

    I selfishly hope you get another chance to travel to India, camera in hand.