Box - canon G5 through Rolleicord viewfinder <

2005-03-29: Just one more of these, if anyone has any similar shots to share I just started a Flickr group.



  • Michael Czeiszperger

    Keep this up and there's gonna be a Photoshop plugin for this effect :-)


  • Jackie Dunlop

    Weird, man. What is it? Looks like a giant old camera or a death ray machine !


  • frisky?

    lovely graphic shot... i like the lines in this one.


  • paul

    love those slight grainy rings


  • Greg.O

    Oh, this is stunning!! I don't even want to know what the subject is - this would take the magic away. Sometimes, you can look at a photo and wonder at it's beauty - tones, shapes, patterns. Like discovering something you've never seen before. If you know what the subject is, though, your mind can often go on autopilot "oh, so that's a box. I know what a box is and how it look like". Which can virtually stop you from seeing... I think this is one of the best abstracts I've seen in a while. It really really appeals to me for some reason. The shapes, tones, lightning... Love it...


  • miles

    Thanks all.

    Greg, I agree with you, I love subjects like this for their pure aesthetic value. I took this shot this way and with the camera itself, hopefully both will be interesting.

    One image I'd seen before that has always stuck in my mind is,

    I just love the emotional resonance of something like that, beyond what it is, that the way it's taken, the interpretation of the image through the photographer, is where that resonance lies.


  • Crash

    still not sure what it is, but cool


  • Smoove D

    I like the previous shot a lot more, because the subject matter worked better with the shooting technique.


  • Sakana

    I will try this !



  • latif

    me gusta mucho como esta a foco este objeto sugerente.
    add you to my favorites


  • gavin

    these viewfinder shots are one of the coolest ideas i've seen.


  • Max

    Nice blog too, i love it !


  • zerosun

    great shot love the simplicity. the grain adds a nice effect.