Church Guide - Canon 20d w/50mm 1/60 f1.8 Church Guide - Canon 20d w/50mm 1/60 f1.8 <

2005-03-26: This kind gentleman, whose name I stupidly forgot to ask, showed me around one of Toronto's downtown churches this afternoon.

I shot this at 800iso as it was pretty dark in the church and post processed with Pixmantec's RawShooter essentials which is a free download I'd strongly recommend anyone working with RAW files.



  • luke

    nice portrait miles, maybe would have preferred a bit of a tighter crop but I always crop too tight so my advice there may not be too valid :)


  • miles

    Thanks Luke, I would have cropped it closer like I normally do but I like his sweater, some of it is out of focus, along with his neck.

    I'm not sure about the skin tones though.


  • Greg.O

    Oh, I love this portrait!! Very strange as I normally prefer dark gritty pictures. This one is just so warm and positive though... The expression seem to reveal a genuinly kind person. And it calls for natural slightly high-key lighing. I like how the yellow strand of his mustache warms up the colours even more. I'm sure he would be very happy with how you captured his personality..


  • mydepiction

    I agree with Greg that this is such a warm and positive portraiture. But I think that the sweater is just a tad out of focus and I would have preferred it to be more in focus but what do I know ;). Nevertheless this is an excellent portrait.

    Have you use phase one ... if so how does pixmantec's compare to it.

    Also if you do get a change do drop by my photoblog to they because I would appreciate any pointers you could give me on my portraiture shot.


  • Ryan Rahn

    Great shot! Great expression.

    I like the noise in this shot. It almost gives it a film sort of feel. Very nice!


  • Sean

    fantastic portrait!


  • AJ

    this is great, I love the expression. IMHO, the blur sweater doesn't matter because the focus is his face. Love the sweater, love the shot. Thanks for sharing


  • Patricia



  • Zishaan

    I'd downlaoded the Rawshooter a couple of weeks back. But the registration failed. I guess I will try it once again.

    Nice portrait, Miles, as always :-)


  • flygirl

    Wonderful facial expression, hilarious... Love it...


  • leigh

    So much character in that face. Excellent capture!


  • Susan B.

    Love his yellow moustache! So much character.
    I don't think the sweater being out of focus makes one bit of difference on this one. It's all about the eyes. And in his case, the moustache. Happy Bunny Day!


  • pierre

    Wow, that's excellent Miles.
    Beautiful portrait...
    (Just asking : have you tried it in B&W too ?)


  • Carlo Ferroni

    Very jolly gentlement! Nicely captured!


  • miles

    Thanks all!

    Andy, I haven't tried phase one, I'll have a look at it.

    Pierre, I did try it black and white, at first I didn't like it, now I'm wondering if it's not better in BW. I'll post my conversion.


  • Andrew

    I think this is your best portrait yet. Works better in colour for me, though, if only because it highlights that yellow in the 'stache.


  • lu

    try with sepia, seems to suit the best.


  • Smoove D

    For the record, I like the B&W conversion. I also like the crop on this one - I think the space adds to the composition.


  • Robb McAulay

    Nice shot, shame the reflections in the glasses were kinda strong, it looks a little flat round that area... not alot you can do on a candid photo though, nice one!


  • santiago | nononsense

    very nice portrait. I use to prefer b/w for portraits, but here I think I prefer the color one, maybe because of the color on his mustache.