Bush Mask - Canon 20d w/50mm War Is Murder - Canon 20d w/50mm <

2005-03-21: A couple more shots from the anti-war protests in Toronto this past weekend.

My very good friend Shane Mielke has just launched his photoblog, please check it out at www.terraspirit.com

The finalists for the 'Photobloggies' have been announced and I'm honoured to say Mute has been nominated in four categories, 'Canadian', 'Black and White', 'Portraits' and 'Photoblog of the Year'. I would appreciate your votes but there are excellent sites in every category so check them out! www.photobloggies.org

Also Jessyel has started his famous interviews up again with an all new format that brings words and images together brilliantly! Check out the first one at http://interviews.dailys



  • Michael Czeiszperger

    Damn, that's some nice facial hair on those two. :-)



  • seribu sembilu

    i voted for you mute!!!....i love your photos...you are the master of black and white...


  • deceptive

    Fine set of portraits, I like how you have named the top photo by the masked guy at the back. Congrats on the nominations.


  • photojunkie

    Congrats on your nominations, well deserved


  • miles

    Thank you! Though after yesterday's flurry of comments these shots don't seem too popular! I think people are Muted out :)


  • frisky?

    not at all miles. I was just thinking how pathetic the anti-war movement has become here in the States, sadly. I went to the 2-year anniversary anti-war rally and there were litterally a few hundred people there.. I cant believe people have such short term memories... :-(

    That first dude looks like Stalin!!! hahah!


  • BigA

    I've already hit you with nominations and votes over there so there's not much else I can do other than wish you luch and encourage others to vote as well. I did however just realize that I somehow forgot to add you to my favorites over at photoblogs.org so I've taken care of that now as well :)


  • Tintil

    I especially like the first shot here - it's really well composed and has many interesting elements that all come together nicely.


  • mwb

    have just come across your photoblog for the first time today and, as a result, have already voted for your blog in three different categories, as best I can recall anyway.

    good luck!


  • miles

    Thanks all!

    Faisal, thanks, I didn't mean to sound worried, I thought it was funny that no one seemed to be visiting after yesterday's post.

    BigA, thanks a lot bud :)

    mwb, you're most welcome, thanks for your support.


  • Carrie

    Congrats on your nominations, Miles. If anyone's deserving of an award based on **TALENT**, you certainly are.


  • Susan B.

    I concur with Carrie. The guy with the GWB mask in the background of the first shot--priceless. And the second shot is a really nice portrait. Thank you again for the Spotlight. Meant a lot.


  • mydepiction

    I really like the first shot. It has so much interesting things going on like the guys expression, bush mask ...


  • pierre

    Congrats on your nominations, very good :)
    Nice portraits here, very well done.


  • btezra

    ~XLNNnnnnnnnnnnt! two fine street portraits...the top shot struck me, mainly that subject left of center in the BG with the mask on...tons of details to pick up as well...the bottom shot just kicks ass with detail and tones that strike the eye~


  • Massimo

    The juxtaposition of the Bush mask looking at the preaching guy is just hilarious. Catch the spirit of this kind of demonstrations quite well.


  • Carlo Ferroni

    Great shots Miles, really well seen and executed!