A Bench Twice - Canon 20d w/50mm

2005-03-18: Waiting for my dumplings outside East Restaurant at Queen and John.



  • ViSuaLLyMiNDeD

    very cool color contrasts. The DoF is great; i like how you've used it to focus on the bench past the arm rest.


  • John

    I like this photo a lot. Abstract, but not too much as that we have to spend time working it out.

    The tones of colour work nicely and your selective focus is deliberate and considered.

    A good piece of work


  • Andy (SensorChip)

    Great Miles. So simple and the two images work very well together.


  • Greg.Osimowicz

    For some reason I really really like this picture. It's just so perfect how the colours lines and curves work together. Then there's the very shallow DoF that gives the picture this ethereal feel... I've tried shooting quite a few benches before but was never satisfied with the results. And then you post this pic that's simple yet so beautiful. Thanks for inspiration (the picture goes to my "photo ideas" folder straight away). Also, thanks for your words of encouragement. It's amazing how we underestimate the power of a kind word. Sometimes, it really doesn't take much to get over the "my photos suck" thoughts that come into our minds from time to time..


  • Daniel G.

    My first comment here. Your site is great you are doing very beautful portraits. They are well done..sharp and well exposed...About this picture, i donīt know why..but i like it. You are in my bookmark now.


  • Houser

    Home run here, bud. I love how you've taken something otherwise mundane and easily overlooked and really worked the shots into something interesting. This is what great photography is all about! Well done!


  • Marty

    Lovely. Waiting for something can produce great results. Maybe it's because your pinned there -- you have to "make do" with what's around you.


  • Lala

    I think we've been covering the same ground lately.


  • mydepiction

    Nice DOF effect and selective focusing.


  • daisies

    I love this, the tones and textures are incredible, the broken bits somehow a reflection of the beauty of life in the lack of perfection of a curved line. Beautifully done!


  • leova (↑)

    it's good that you wait!
    we have pleasure tio get nice pictures!


  • Jeremie

    I dont know what i like about this but i like it


  • zerosun

    beautiful tones and texture. you captured the years of wear on this bench splendidly.


  • miles

    Thanks all! I really like these kind of shots, especially when it's not something you were looking for but, as in this instance, you're leaning against a wall wasting time and suddenly there's something beautiful right in front of you.


  • Paulo Ribeiro

    Beautiful pair of almost abstract photos...


  • susanlavonne

    I think you prove repeatedly that it's not WHAT you shoot but HOW you shoot...another work that draws us in but we can't really figure out why.


  • matt

    A nice, simple change of pace for you. I like the break in symmetry on the right.