Leprechaun - canon 20d w/50mm + 2x extender Piper - canon 20d w/50mm Clown - canon 20d w/50mm Clover Cop - Canon 20d w/50mm Golden Girl (Sweetest smile I saw all day!) - canon 20d w/50mm <

2005-03-13: A few shots from the St Patrick's Day parade here in Toronto today.

I also tracked down John, whose photograph I messed up last weekend, and shot a portrait that was much closer to what I had in mind. I'll post the result in a couple of days.

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  • matt

    Great photojournalism. You've captured the feeling of this event. The series is so much stronger than a single photo. My favorite is the cop with the shamrock sticker on his face. This photo tells the story that police officers sometimes get to do things that are actually fun. The bottom portrait is a nice moment as well. Great work.


  • Susan B.

    Love the cop! A superb shot. It just makes me smile.
    And love the suspicious clown. His sad, questioning and somewhat superior expression in contrast to the man behind him is classic. Like Matt said above me. You've really captured the feeling of this event well.


  • Susan B.

    Wait. I just realized that clown is most likely a woman. Sorry. Hope no offense was taken by the clown.

    I really love the irony in that shot.


  • miles

    Thanks guys, I think of these kind of shots differently from some of the others I take. These are trying to capture what's going on, whereas a lot of my other shots are trying to capture what I'm seeing in my head. I have some more shots from the parade tomorrow.

    Susan, I didn't even think about it but I think you're right!


  • BigA

    Dig that jigging leprechaun :)


  • kendall

    They're all nice but that first one.. whoa. Excellent capture.


  • Jasmin

    I love the way you capture people up close, like in the last three portraits. I'd probably ask "How do you do that?" like a lot of other people, but then again I'll just say you've got this way of taking pictures that make people happy to be photographed.


  • Robert

    Just a terrific sequence. Makes me want to live in a city!


  • frisky?

    again, that first shot is a Miles-Classic! :-)


  • Carrie

    These are wonderful. I love the first shot, especially. Glad someone was able to photograph the parade...I inadvertantly missed it. :( The only holiday of the year I celebrate, too. Guess I'll have to make up for it on the 17th, huh?


  • chiaroscuro

    These are wonderful. The first capture is just priceless.


  • b

    The first leprechaun dancing made me want to dance too! Great shot!


  • Maxx

    Most excellent capture. The first one really is top class.
    Unfortunately St Patrick's Day over here means having a Guinness if you're lucky. No strong Irish contingent.


  • dusty

    the leprechaun cracks me up. great series.


  • Greg.Osimowicz

    I love the first picture. It's so surreal. If the tones were slightly darker the jumping figure could have easily been taken straight from one of the spooky David Lynch movies :) Great shot!!


  • mario

    Nice DOF you made at the first one. Isolating that leprecon man and not putting him in the middle of the frame hit the bull's eye :)


  • Go

    Great set of images! The 4th one makes me smile.


  • miles

    Thanks! The leprechaun guy was my favourite. I have a bunch more pics from the parade that I'll post later.


  • darragh

    enjoyed this series lots Miles. no.1 the most.. can't wait for Paddy's day :)


  • Andy (SensorChip)

    A lovely selection of images.


  • Tom

    These pics are rubish they look like anyone couild have taken them. It's such a excellent portfolio of pictures - why ruin it with this collection of tourist snaps?
    Also some of your snow pictures would look amazing in black and white. As would the ones with the kids walking up to the big brown floating thing - don't you realise this?!


  • Dave

    The leprechaun: "They're always after me Lucky Charms!"

    Great captures.


  • Who Me?

    I happen to like the first picture because that elderly person seems to be having soo much fun even when no one(in the background)is looking at him...its nice to see him immersed in what he's doing...just enjoying the holliday.