Ice Rink - canon 20d w/50mm

2005-03-04: Lakeside icerink at sunset.



  • photographer52

    Wonderful shot, with all the detail in the ice. Love the tone. Composition perfect.


  • ed

    wonderful atmosphere and visual communication in this shot. It tells a story familiar to anyone who remembers first putting on skates. very nice.


  • matt

    Miles, the shadows are as interesting as main subject. The tone you've applied is quite effective.


  • Nancy

    what a great moment captured. Even though I know your crop was intentional and it works for this shot, I still keep trying to scroll up to see more


  • naomi-sarah

    Very nice composition. I like how you cut off the person's upper torso. It makes you concentrate on what he's doing.


  • Dave

    Great use of light, depth of field, and shadow to set a mood. Terrific eye.


  • Stephen

    The shadows really add a lot of interest to this shot. I'm still in two minds about the crop though - it looks to me as though this is a young kid (based on height) and that you've chopped their head and shoulders off only. It just feels to me as though you should've either included the whole person or gone a bit lower... Just my 2c :-)


  • KevinG

    Very nice tone. I like the crop. Man, I so remember those ankles :)


  • Jordan

    This one is a winner, Miles. I love the tone.


  • Sakana

    Very nice composition, I like the framing and the angle shot. Desaturate colors are very nice too.

    Good work !



  • megaszu

    Great stuff overall, i am liking your style... and thanks for your comments on my photoblog, keep them coming.

    On a side note, it would be nice if the site could remember the details when posting a comment, it would spare us a lot of repetitive typing.


  • Matthias

    I really like the shadows on the roughly surface of the ice.


  • Christian

    My last roll I've got back had some serious scratches. With that subject it wouldn't have been a big problem. ;-)

    Nice colours.


  • potty

    nice tones, miles. you just reminded me there's no hockey this year.


  • Massimo

    The long shadows make this shot work as they transform the flat ice surface in a landscape where every groove tells the story of countless ice skaters that created them. The person in the middle is almost optional, but helps in setting the scale of the scene.


  • Lara Barrett

    Smashing! I love this...the tone, the texture...and the shadows are absolutely beautiful!