Rolliecord Vb - canon G5

2004-10-31: My new Rolleicord Vb :) I won this on ebay last week and the transaction was great, it was here within 4 days. Thanks Albert! The camera seems to have been looked after and be in fully working order, the lenses clear and scratch free. I went out and put a couple of rolls of film through it today. It was overcast but I should get a good idea of the camera's performance. If the results are anything like what I saw through the bright clear viewer then I'm laughing!



  • photojunkie

    Congrats on your new purchase. I love TWIN LENS cameras. They always take beautiful shots, even my crappy lubitels.


  • Nancy

    Congrats and have fun with the new camera. I love how you featured it here today with the pretty fall background. Now you are making me want to scout ebay for one.


  • mario

    Wonderful colors!


  • Jessyel Ty Gonzalez

    Geez, that is so freakin' awesome. Congrats on a great eBay transaction too... those are becoming rarer and rarer everyday.

    Can't wait to see your shots off your rolls!


  • koozeh

    Wowwww really nice camera! Congrats!


  • bob

    Fantastic! A real beauty --- have fun with it!


  • miklos

    Looking forward to the results.


  • Tracey Taylor

    Wow...I'm jealous. Can't wait to see some results with it.


  • Andrew

    What's that thing on the top? And what's that there dial on the side for? And *two* lenses?! OMGWTF!


  • john

    Congrats man! You're going to love it...

    It looks like a nice one too. Take some portraits with it.


  • stef & rollo

    Wow! Beautiful she's beautiful. And she is perfect looking too. And congrats for the winning auction, it's always such an exciting thing when it happens!


  • Jordan

    I had a Mamiya C220 once -- like a Rolleicord on steroids. It used bellows focussing, so I could actually do macro-like photography with it. Unfortunately it had optical problems and I got rid of it. My MF gear now is a Koni-Omega rangefinder (6x7cm).

    I'd love to see you post more work shot with your 'cord.


  • kphb

    i've the same. it's a must !

    some rollei pics :