Autumn Mini Photoshopped Autumn Mini

2004-10-30: My attempt at an 'ad shot' with one of them new fangled minis looking all autumny. Update: I added a second version, one that's photoshopped to look the way I would have liked the colours to be and is probably what a real ad photographer would have done, but more professionally :)



  • blinks

    I think I see what you had in mind with this one and I like it! but I almost wish there were more leaves on the ground and the shot was a little clost. Not quite late enough in falls for all the colors to flow together for an AMAZING picture, straight up mini ad quality, but def one to revisit if possible.


  • kendall

    Actually, if you crop out the lower third of pavement it makes a huge difference (for me at least).


  • Miles

    Hmmm, I actually liked the contrast with the road, and that single leaf in the foreground. There is a lot of green in those trees but that's not going to change, they're deciduous. It would be nice if there was more of a canvas of autumn colours and I could photoshop that in but it seems a little cynical :) Maybe I'll produce a photoshopped version as I'm sure any ad photographer would!

    Right now I'm a bit busy because my rolleicord just arrived and seems to be in fine working order!


  • luke winter

    both shots are good but the colours on the bottom one are great, as is the tighter crop. Great site you've got here


  • miklos

    I like the first shot more. It balances things out a bit more.. "The rule of thirds" and all that shit.. :) Well done, the colours look awesome. good saturation.. I love it.


  • Natalie

    Man, I love those Minis! Gotta get me one of them! Enjoyed your site. Take care...


  • Emily

    i really like what you've done with the second in terms of the colours. i like how the leaves match the color of the car. but i admit in terms of compositino i agree with miklos. i like the space beneath the car... and it looks more like an ad that way. at least, it's my opinion that it does. :)


  • miles


    I'm a big fan of that single leaf on the road! I could put up another with the colour of the second one but the crop of the first, maybe I could make it into an ad :)


  • Fred

    Love the simplicity and color of this shot !



  • mario

    First I saw the first Mini and for a moment I thought it's floating above the ground! :) Then I realised it's only mirage cos of leaves on the road.

    But the second one is like an ad photo! :)

    This could be the whole ad text:

    "Mini for the winter of your life...Mini for the spring of your life...Mini for the summer of your life...Mini for the autumn of your life."...where there would be a lot of kids in winter clothes playing around the Mini in snow..or going with their parents somewhere for let's say Christmas :) Spring could be with teenagers, summer with a family going on vacation, and the autumn with an elderly couple :)

    Hey..if you see this one at tv one day, let me know..I want my cut! :)


  • Miles

    Hah, that's a good idea!