Willow Tree

2004-10-29: A willow tree leaning over a lake as the sun streams through its branches.



  • miklos

    Very surreal, but lovely colours.


  • Go

    Gorgeous color and lighting! I love the top right portion of the image. I think the blown out reflection at the bottom is a bit distracting. But I guess there isn't a way around it unless you take two shots and composite them. Still, it's a great shot!


  • Miles

    Thanks. There wasn't too much I could do about the reflection, although the sun is shining in from above the lake is reflecting white clouds above :(


  • mario

    The land of Elves :)

    Beautiful :) Was it a double exposure?


  • john

    That's a beauty - and I like the high contrast.

    For some reason this year I'm already starting to miss all that green of summer...


  • caryn

    What a magical place! The lighting makes for nice contrast of green colors, but in some places is a little blown out though for me which makes it a little hard to keep looking at even though I think your composition is great. And even if you're not a purist, this would be hard to fix in postproduction, so to speak. Is this near you? I wonder how it would look in the early AM. Or in a fog...this shot might be worth trying to retake at another time of day if it's nearby to get the lighting just right. It's very peaceful.