Wheel of an abandoned trailer

2004-10-27: An abandoned old trailer hiding in a copse. After a bit of a debacle with the yashica mat I won on ebay (seller never replied to emails), I won a rolleicord v last night and the seller seems to be on the ball this time. Should be here next week! Can't wait. On a sadder note John from www.orbit1.com had his camera bag stolen, losing some equipment that was obviously more valuable to him than it could be to any thief. I know that sickening feeling when you lose something so pointlessly like that to some idiot. Please check out John's site if you don't know it, I think he's one of the best, if not the best, photographer photoblogging.



  • photojunkie

    This shot definitely has an autumn in the country feel to it

    Nicely captured


  • Nathan

    wow - thanks for the link to orbit1. that guys is amazing. you know anything about a Lomo Kompakt? I am thinking of getting one of those or a holga.