Cut Field Cut Field

2004-10-26: As October draws to a close we're still getting some lovely clear days.



  • Go

    Lovely shots! These work great together. I really like the field in the top image and the cloud in the bottom one.


  • bob

    Both great shots -- I really love the first one -- you know me and shallow dof! -- and the colors are exceptional in both -- but the first one takes the cake -- beautiful shot -- and wonderful skies...


  • Nik

    I love the yellow with the green. I've discovered that I take many pictures with red on green, so it's nice to see change. :-) I agree with Bob and Go, the top one is really top. :)


  • kim

    the first one is just beautiful.


  • photojunkie

    Love the round tracks in the field on the top photo. Also love the sky in the bottom photo. Now only if you could combine the two.


  • miles

    Haha, I did suggest that in an email to Bob last night, I might even give it a go ;)


  • rool

    I really like the way you focused the first one, it's strange but it works well for me...


  • Simon C

    The way you've used shallow depth of field in the first one - unusual approach with a landscape without obvious foreground interest - works very well.


  • stef & rollo

    The first one, with the absolutely gorgeous dof, is superb.


  • Kathleen

    Ahhhh're making me crazy here. STUNNING. Come stateside and give me lessons.


  • Jim dawson

    Good image. In this case I think the image could be made more powerful by cropping out most of the sky to emphasis the foreground and how it disappears into the horizon. Especially with the second (lower image).