A bin

2004-10-14: Another G5 shot PSed to look a bit medium formatish.



  • erica

    very nice.


  • tom

    that's some nice PS work, there. did you throw the background out of focus using PS?

    i'm hoping i can get my hands on a cheap medium format camera soon, they look great fun.


  • Houser

    Dang, baby - that musta been some sick masking getting around all those leaves and branches!


  • Miles

    Yah a little lens blurring and some gradient masking. I have a intuos pen so it wasn't too hard.

    The medium format camera I won on ebay looks like it'll fall through, I haven't heard from the seller in over a week now, and that doesn't inspire me to send money to him. So I'm back on the look out.


  • miklos

    Hrm, I like this a lot.


  • deceptive

    I love the way the bin is framed by the two paths - great leading lines. Your PSing really makes that bin pop out - nice one.