Stairway, Nathan Philips Square Toronto

2004-10-03: This is one of the stairways leading up to the never in use walkways around Nathan Philips Square in Toronto. A big project is coming to an end at work so I might have more time for getting out with my camera next week! I bid on a lubitel 166 on ebay and I'm looking for a good yashica mat 124 if any one has one going spare :)



  • Houser

    Funny - what made you decide to drop for a Lubitel? I recently picked up a Lubitel 2 off eBay (still in transit).


  • photojunkie

    Why the hell are those walkways never open. It seems like a waste if you ask me. I would love to go up there.


  • Miles

    Andrew, I've had such fun with the holga that I thought the lubitel would be the next logical choice, I've been loving the TLR shots on making happy, photojunkie and others, that gorgeous DoF, who can resist!

    Rannie: have you ever tried just going up them, ignoring the sign? One day I swear I'll pluck up the courage, I've seen people up there a couple of times.


  • Sara

    Beautiful lines here. Very modern looking.


  • Liisa Anderson

    very nice architectual shot, love the lines and composition, so much to discover in this one shot.


  • kendall

    I'm pretty sure they're crumbling away. There was an article recently either in the The Star or Globe and Mail discussing whether the city was going to demolish them or spend the money to maintain them but still in an pedestrian-inaccessible state. I almost went up a few weeks ago but couldn't bring myself to do it..


  • east3rd

    Fantastic shot! Beautiful lines and composition. Nicely framed as well. The B&W is perfect for this scene.


  • wendy

    what a beautiful photograph. love the composition.


  • Martin Kimeldorf

    You have a really strong use of lines and this works with great effect...especially our black and whites.