An icicle hanging over the CN Tower

2004-10-02: I've been debating whether to post this image since starting the blog. I don't think it's a particularly great photo, there's a lot of dirt and splotches from the window on it, but it's amusing. The juxtaposition is real, the photo isn't a composite. This is the view from my apartment in Toronto and last winter, which was very cold, these long icicles grew over the roof's eaves, hanging dangerously over queen street, ready to impale a passing punk perhaps... Before we removed them I took this photo. The one thing I have changed is the angle of the top half. My windows don't look directly out at the tower and if this image were true the top would be at a slant, I adjusted this to enhance the juxtaposition. Everything else, even the 'drip' was really there.



  • adam

    Not sure where you have the hesitation, it's a great shot. But like you, I also hate most of the stuff I take, we're all our own worst/best judges.


  • miklos

    Hey, nicely done dude. The sad thing is.. we're not too far from repeating this scenery. *mumbles* stupid winter.


  • Andrew

    Ok, so I was wrong.. it is still possible to take a unique shot of the CN Tower.


  • Houser

    I agree - it's a worthy shot. I enjoy fall, but I dread winter. You, Sam, and others make Toronto look like such an interesting place. Perhaps I need to plan a trip.


  • photojunkie

    Very cool.


  • anopenshutter

    I think it's a cool image. You could get rid of the spots on the window if they bother you. It would take 5 minutes tops in photoshop. I would be happy to do it for you if you don't have it....but who's to say they don't add character?


  • miles

    thanks for the comments!

    Cheryl: I don't mind the smudges on the window, After I spotted this shot we had to get hot water to clean the outside of the window it was so cold. We had to have the window half open, leaning out over the street in -20 weather trying to reach up to get to as much as possible. Lots of effort for this tacky image ;)


  • bob

    very COOL! :-) I like the spots... gives it a nice feel...


  • east3rd

    Great idea, and very well-executed! Ya, I would have posted this IMMEDIATELY!!! :)


  • blinks

    I love the framing of the photot, the alignment made it a better picture. good job.


  • perfectpixel

    neato :) good eye! render it BW?