2004-10-01: An action shot of daisy :)



  • ctranter

    nice colours, looks like its a "i want to go this way, but the leash is pulling me the other way"


  • btezra

    ~tons of appealing contrast here, a personal fav of mine...the green of that grass really pops and the shrp detail of the pooch is well noted!~


  • bob

    Wonderful photo -- great, saturated colors -- nice to see after working in b&w for the last several weeks! ..


  • miles

    Thanks for the comments! This is a digital shot but I wanted to achieve that cross processed look :)

    She's straining on the leash because she thinks she's seen yet another rabbit or squirrel. You take one of these dogs off the lead and they're gone!


  • adam

    Surreal for sure.

    I really like how sharp it looks, it's got some great contrast and sharp focus. Lookin' good.


  • Go

    Love that I'm gonna get that squirrel looks. Great colors and contrast.


  • Andrew

    Normally I kind of cringe when people post pictures of their pets, but this one is just too nice. The colours are great and the expression is good too. If I have one complaint though, it's that she looks a bit too masked out from the background, especially around the head. Other than that.. perfect!


  • Miles

    Andrew: I agree, I have actually put off posting this for a while because of that. I took the red channel and applied pretty extreme sharpening to it, which worked nicely except for the banding around the head. I actually like the way it works around the chest and legs but not so much around the head. :)


  • angel

    so nice dog!