Old caravan next to graveyard - yashica electro, cropped with added vignette

2004-09-08: Old caravan next to graveyard.



  • Emily

    miles, the colours are lovely. and i think the slight vignetting is very effective. i can't find any faults with this one. the contrast of the white and the blue and the red is stunning.


  • miles

    Thanks emily! It was taken with a yashica electro and cropped. I held up my polarising filter (a 72mm thread is too big) in front of the camera to blow out the colours a bit.


  • Natalie

    The lines are really simple, and I think that's why this photo works so well. It's really striking!


  • digitalDee

    I like the saturation of colors and the geometric omposition


  • miklos

    damn man.. nice one!


  • deceptive

    Excellent, very interesting composition. Love those colours, the square format and the dark corners well done.


  • Jason G.

    Great composition. Nice colours and saturation.


  • erica

    this makes me so happy that i just got a yashica electro off ebay! i can't wait to try it out. which film did you use? - i love these colors.


  • wide_angle

    Great composition -- the subject, the framing, the dark vignetting all contribute to making it look like a picture from another era.


  • bob

    Another great one! Wow.. .that GSN rocks! I'm going out with mine right now! :-) Great colors and saturation....


  • fredrik

    wow. the colors, the composition, the vignetting (is this a holga-shot?). gotta love it:)


  • miles

    Thanks all!

    erica: It's just bog standard kodak gold 200, boots in england are selling them 5 for 10 at the moment. I also used a polarising lens to help the saturation.

    have fun with your electro, they're great cameras.

    fredrik: It was taken with a yashica electro 35 GSN, a nice old rangefinder, and I cropped it to a square and added the vignette in PS, it just felt right :)

    A holga that was this clean would be a real find!

    have fun with it bob!


  • ninds

    This is just stunning, I think I'm going to have to look into the yashica electro :)


  • Nathan

    this is my favorite shot of yours so far. there is just so much to like about it. very striking. its an almost comical composition. awesome!


  • ctranter

    Just saw this photo in Computer Arts magazine. It was in the screenshot for filemagazine.com, thought it looked familiar :P


  • chris

    great photoshop work. excellent composition. i love it.


  • marcello

    I really love the colors and the composition, goood shot!


  • maefleur

    love it! wonderful saturation and love what you've done with the image!


  • zac

    hotness! you got MY noteworthy vote.