Man at Portguese event

2004-07-31: Another shot from Nathan Philips Square. I like this image, there's a lot of promise in the face, the outfit and the background, but I don't think I caught quite the right moment, I still like it though :)



  • Jennifer

    This photo is great. You can tell so much by an expression!


  • ilheu

    where did you take these photos? Another great photo today ;-)


  • Miles

    Thanks! These are taken in Toronto's Nathan Philips Square, where a lot of cultural events happen. I have another one from the same event lined up for tomorrow :)


  • Emily

    miles, i think this is a great photo. i like the perfect profile shot, and the shape he gives the photograph, the shot from the back. very nice portrait.


  • btezra

    ~the wide range of tones are impressive, as is the profile you managed to capture; I will say the moment you snapped is not very telling, I would not be able to place the shot, I would only recognize it as a street portrait...don't beat yourself up though, it's a fine street portrait, and that is my cup of tea when it comes to subject matter~