Man with guitar

2004-07-30: I love taking pictures of people but find it hard to either approach people or take photographs without being noticed. So I find events where people expect cameras to be around an easy way to get some practice. This was taken at a celebration of Portuguese culture in Nathan Philips Square, a lot of people were taking photographs of friends and family taking part in traditional dress, and, while I'm sure I stood out like a sore thumb, I was able to get some shots I liked.



  • Jennifer

    Great photo. Nice choice for a B/W!


  • Sara

    I can relate to those feelings. I'm a bit people shy and to then go up to people and direct a camera in their face isn't the easiest thing to do. But I'm trying to get over it ...

    This shot turned out great! It's a very nice portrait.


  • Nilesh

    Nice Portrait! I too can relate to your feelings. I'd love to photograph people. I guess it will come with time and experience. :)


  • Sandra Rocha

    I SO agree with you lol thats my sorry excuse for not having the amount of people in my shots as I'd like ;-)
    but this one is great, love the intense light


  • ilheu

    enjoyed a lot your weblog, a very good surprise ;-)


  • Emily

    ah, me too. about taking pics of strangers i mean. but i've been bolder recently. most of them are really nice and really like being asked. great shot!


  • tomo

    great portrait. it really works in b&w.