Guy on a bench

2004-07-29: I took this while waiting with my groceries for a bus outside Loblaws at Queens Quay and Jarvis. Just in case anyone's interested where I shop :)



  • jevaun

    nice pic. not sure if you meant it, but the heads being cropped off make it take on an air of social commentary.


  • miles

    I wanted to chop them to focus the attention on the subject, to that end I'd like this photo more if that car hadn't come by in the background. But I do like the general composition and the focus distribution.

    I can see the social commentery thing but he wasn't homeless or a drug addict, he was just some guy who was bored I think. I liked the pose :)


  • Sara

    nice snapshot! I like the fact you chopped off those heads to to focus the attention on the man on the bench...


  • Pramesh

    hey miles,

    just going through your archives... just thought i'd like you know i shop at that loblaws too ;)