My gear:
  • Canon 5d
  • Canon 7d
  • Canon 17-40
  • Sigma 20mm
  • Sigma 10-20mm
  • Canon 50mm
  • Canon 85mm
  • Canon 200mm
  • Lomo LCA
  • Rolleicord
  • Jsoly
  • Yashica Electro

Contact me:

Who are you?
I'm Miles.
What do you do?
I design stuff for a living and take photos for fun.
What gear do you use?
I primarily use a Canon 5d with various lenses. I prefer prime lenses over zooms because of their speed and relative quality vs price. I do have a small collection of film cameras but most of the images I post here are digital.
How do you process your images?
I use photoshop, sometimes I go nuts with it, sometimes I don't. It really depends what I had in mind when I took the photo.
Will you tell me your secrets?
I don't have any, I'm not a Photoshop expert, but if you have any questions about the images I post then fire away, I'm happy to talk about it. I can't send you a PSD because I don't have any. I always flatten layers and save as a TIF from photoshop.
Are you an artist?
I don't consider myself an artist, or the kind of photography I do art. I don't have anything profound to say, they're just images. In my opinion art requires intention.
This site isn't a portfolio, I'm not trying to build a coherent body of work, it's just a blog. I do love photography and it's a creative outlet that I want to keep on my own terms.
Are you open to constructive comments?
Of course, I'm open to any kinds of comments, as long as people realise where the boundary between objective and subjective is. I also don't mind if people post things like, "This is nice" or "I don't like this". I don't think you need to justify your every comment with some indepth analysis of what it is particularly that you like or dislike about an image. Most of the time I look at people's images I can't say what it is that I like about them, I just like them. It's an emotional reaction, not a science.
What blog software do you use?
Unable to fathom the complexity of the blogging systems I looked at when I first started, I decided it would be easier to build my own. It's was built with the help of my friend Scott. This is the second incarnation of the site. If you're starting a photoblog yourself there are much better systems available now that cater specifically for photobloggers.
Where do you find your links?
I follow links from people who have commented here, then follow links from people who have commented on their sites, etc, and generally randomly meander around the web. I try to pick photographers I think deserve more exposure. There are plenty of very popular photoblogs out there posting great images but most people visiting here will be familiar with the 'top sites' already.