Seljalandsfoss, Iceland - Canon 5d w/17-40

Seljalandsfoss is one of Iceland's many famous waterfalls. Like nearby Skógafoss it is about 200ft tall, but has a smaller volume of water flowing over it. What makes Seljalandsfoss so popular, apart from its picturesque setting, is that you can go behind it, although you will get very wet, especially on the day I was there, when high winds kept swirling the clouds of spray in unpredictable directions. For a sense of scale just to the right of the falling water you should be able to see a red dot, which is a person on the path to the back of the falls.

I shot this in daylight using a ten-stop ND filter for a 2 second exposure time. The image is made up of two separate vertical frames stitched together.



  • Frank

    Loving this sneak peek of Iceland through your eyes Miles.

    I see some banding at the top, not sure if it's my monitor - I suspect it might be.


  • tomk

    I like your composition, The water stream leads into the image directly to the waterfall.


  • Uwe

    Wonderful landscape!


  • vladbpopa

    seamless composition, well done.


  • shooter

    Love it.


  • urban daisy