Close up of thrips on a marigold - Canon EOS with macro tubes

2004-08-19: "I'm still without my computer but I managed to grab these images of 'thunder bugs' on a marigold in my parents' garden with my Canon EOS and some recently rediscovered macro tubes. Macro tubes are fun and, though not as good as a real macro lens, they are a good value way to get close to a subject, I can focus on a subject less than a few millimetres from the lens. The image is scanned but not manipulated in any way, I only have a simple picture viewer here to resize the images or I would fix that white spot on the left.



  • Houser

    Wow. I've been wanting to try extension tubes (since I got my Nikon D70 last week), and this gives me reason to try. It took me a few moments to really take in this photo, and even though it's not gone through the normal "digital darkroom" process, it's still a fantastic shot.


  • Zee

    That is VERY cool. A different look on bugs.


  • Charles

    Yes, very cool. I like the complementary colours between the flower and the bugs. The shallow depth of field you get with your macro tubes works well for this shot. I really like this one.


  • kendall

    Wow. Psychedelic explosion of bugs on flower-power background. This is gorgeous - I can't believe it's a photo. Cool stuff...


  • Jennifer

    Great photo. Really interesting!!


  • Charlie

    Love the cool colors...a truly interesting and beautiful shot! :)


  • miles

    Thanks, it was a nice surprise to find the macro tubes, I had forgotten all about them. This shot, and subsequent ones, were taken outside without a tripod, so I'm happy that at least a few were sharp.

    I would love a lens that gave me such a shallow depth of field at a reasonable focal length, so I could take portraits with that kind of DoF, but I suspect it would be out of my price range.


  • Emily Ding

    how did you get the colours without manipulating the photo?! wow. is it what the tube does? amazing photo.


  • Miles

    Thanks Emily, I'm not sure what happened to the colours, the bg colour is blue when it should be green, since I was pointing down at the ground when I took it, but I think the colours of the flower are fairly true.

    The tubes shouldn't effect the colour too much since they have no glass or filter of any kind in them, they only serve to push the lens away from the body. There might be some technical explanation for it!


  • Natalie

    That is gorgeous. It's a beautiful picture as it is, it definitely doesn't need any manipulation. :-)